Locpics #1

Well, this is pretty different from my usual content! On January 20th 2020, I decided to go and get starter locs put in – a decision that has started a months-long process as my hair locks up and becomes fully formed, mature dreadlocks. This monthly series of blogs will document my journey in detail, and will assume that the reader has some basic knowledge of natural hair and locs.

I did as much research as I could before I did this, but I couldn’t really find answers to all of my questions – the biggest one being ‘is my hair type going to lock up okay’?

By this, I really meant ‘is it going to end up looking neat? How long will it take to properly lock? Will it get long? Will it unravel? Will it fall out? Will I end up regretting this?’

Of course, I still don’t know the answers because I’m only a week in! I have no clue what kind of locs I might end up with, how big they might be, or what the various stages might look like for me. I also have no idea how long this will take, other than it’ll probably be somewhere between six months and a year – maybe even two years.

My main problem when trying to figure stuff out was that most of the progress pictures and videos I found didn’t actually show people’s hair before they got it locked – just what it looked like straight after, or from day 1 to month 6, or even longer. So part of the reason I’m doing this series is to document and share my experience for other people who want to know how it might go!

Having said that, everyone’s hair does different things when it’s locking up, and honestly I have never really been able to pin down my hair type. My best guess is that my hair is a mix of a couple of different textures – some 3C, some 4A.

Here is my hair an hour or so before I went to get loc’d up. I hadn’t done anything other than wash and condition it.


As you can see, I have some defined curls, but also a lot of hair that isn’t very defined at all. So…if anyone can tell me what hair type/s I have, please please do!

Anyway, I went to the loctician (Morris Roots) and he did my hair. I asked for medium sized locs and it took about four hours (including drying time). He also gave me a product he said I should use if my scalp gets itchy. It’s a salon-specific brand called ‘The reviver’, and is a honey hair tonic.

Here’s what it looked like straight after:


And here’s what it looks like today, one week in:


So we’re already seeing a little bit of fuzziness and growth, but that’s okay and as far as I understand, totally normal.

And that’s that for this month’s update! In the next one, I’ll show you what my hair looked like before and after getting it washed and retwisted. See you at the end of February!

H x