The elephant


This is probably quite an expected post, given the title of this blog. This is the part where I talk about what it’s like being black AND a woman AND into tabletop gaming – a combination which is still pretty rare.

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I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying: Mass Effect And Relationships

I gave this talk at Videobrains in February 2014.

This talk is about is how Bioware managed to make me cry my eyes out about fictional aliens. And just so you know, when I was writing that sentence my throat got all choked up and I had to pause in the middle before I could continue writing it. But as I have repeatedly said, I’m a fucking professional, so.

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Stale, Male, and Pale: Character Creation and Diversity in Gaming

I gave this talk at Nine Worlds in August 2014.

As you can tell from the title, what I want to discuss is the lack of diversity in race, gender, sexuality, or background from narratives within gaming, and how games that include character creation can change that. I don’t know where you all are in your knowledge of social justice or feminist theory, so I’m going to boil down the relevant parts of my worldview so that my perspective is clear.

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How To Fall In Love With Tiny Monsters

I gave this talk at Videobrains in April 2017 – it originally came with a series of videos, but you’ll have to use your imagination for this one!

My friends, I am in love, because I have been playing Pokémon. Unlike the majority of people in this room, I did not have ANY consoles growing up, and I certainly didn’t have a gameboy.

However, I bought a 3DS last year, and let me tell you that thing is a GAMECHANGER for the London commute. More importantly, I am now addicted to Pokémon.

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A Defence of Warcraft

I gave this talk at Videobrains in July 2016.

My talk today is about the recent Warcraft film, so it will contain spoilers and maybe a bit of yelling. Before we begin, let me announce my bias on three fronts: my best friends completely love this game, and I have spent many hours listening to them explain its greatness to me. Secondly, I really like Hearthstone.

Thirdly, I was and still am a huge David Bowie fan, so I basically regard Duncan Jones as my son (alongside John Boyega). Now, on with what was originally about 4000 words of annoyance.

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