Black Panther: the day after

I saw Black Panther last night and I need to write about it.

At the time of writing, it has only been out in the UK for two days, so I have made this a spoiler-free post.

However, you will probably still get a good idea of the overall themes and feel of the film, so if you want to remain completely unspoilered you may want to skip this until you’ve seen it.

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Get Out: The Horror Of Whiteness In 2017

I gave this talk at Nine Worlds in August 2017.

Hello, and thank you for coming to my talk! Always a pleasure to be at Nine Worlds. I want to make a few clarifications before I begin so that we all know where we stand. 

This talk does have the words “the horror of whiteness” in the title, so I want to make sure you know what I mean by that and that you know that this is not going to be a comfortable talk.

When I say “whiteness”, what I mean is the system of white supremacy that we all live in, you just as much as me.

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A Defence of Warcraft

I gave this talk at Videobrains in July 2016.

My talk today is about the recent Warcraft film, so it will contain spoilers and maybe a bit of yelling. Before we begin, let me announce my bias on three fronts: my best friends completely love this game, and I have spent many hours listening to them explain its greatness to me. Secondly, I really like Hearthstone.

Thirdly, I was and still am a huge David Bowie fan, so I basically regard Duncan Jones as my son (alongside John Boyega). Now, on with what was originally about 4000 words of annoyance.

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