Black Panther: the day after

I saw Black Panther last night and I need to write about it.

At the time of writing, it has only been out in the UK for two days, so I have made this a spoiler-free post.

However, you will probably still get a good idea of the overall themes and feel of the film, so if you want to remain completely unspoilered you may want to skip this until you’ve seen it.

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Leaving the West

This was the introduction to a workshop I gave at Nine Worlds in 2016. I only had about five minutes for this, so this is a very quick overview – feel free to ask me for more thoughts!

A lot of the time, roleplayers focus on default European features when creating a setting. This means things like describing all NPCs as having white features and using Western ideas of religion, architecture, cultural expectations, and so on. This often leads to creating a game set in an intensely white environment.

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