Intersectionality and safer spaces in the left

I gave this talk for RS21 in June 2015.

This talk is based on the experiences I’ve had, the experiences others have shared with me, and the things I’ve observed in my time participating in activist groups of various kinds.

I thought that first I would define intersectionality and give a bit of the background for anyone who’s not already familiar with the concept, and also briefly talk about what I’m worried is happening to it.

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Will you join in our crusade? Portrayals of protest in fiction and reality

I first gave this talk at Nine Worlds in 2015.

I’m going to be focusing mostly on western media and protests as it’s what I’m most familiar with, and probably what most of you are familiar with. I’ll be drawing on fairly recent fictional depictions of people rebelling against the state, but I will mainly be focusing on the real portrayals of protest in our own world – simply because it takes longer to analyse that.

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