Hands To Yourself, Sneak Thief: Bad Morality In RPGs

I gave this talk at Videobrains in September 2015.

The first thing to consider about gaming morality is why we’re given choices in the first place. I know it sounds remedial, but this will give us some sort of starting point.

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How To Fall In Love With Tiny Monsters

I gave this talk at Videobrains in April 2017 – it originally came with a series of videos, but you’ll have to use your imagination for this one!

My friends, I am in love, because I have been playing Pokémon. Unlike the majority of people in this room, I did not have ANY consoles growing up, and I certainly didn’t have a gameboy.

However, I bought a 3DS last year, and let me tell you that thing is a GAMECHANGER for the London commute. More importantly, I am now addicted to Pokémon.

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Fanfiction and PTSD: Going Beyond The Winter Soldier

I gave this talk at Nine Worlds in August 2016.

Hello everyone, and welcome to my talk. Before I go much further, I’d just like to say that I am going to be discussing traumatic acts and their impact in detail, so if you want to leave at any point, please feel free to do so. Take care of yourself.

Firstly, I want to explain that when I say “Beyond the Winter Soldier”, I mean in terms of how fanfiction goes beyond what is shown in the film and answers the questions that many of us have. I will also be reading you some fanfiction – I was going to use multiple fanfictions, but in the end there was just one really good one that I had to go with.

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A Defence of Warcraft

I gave this talk at Videobrains in July 2016.

My talk today is about the recent Warcraft film, so it will contain spoilers and maybe a bit of yelling. Before we begin, let me announce my bias on three fronts: my best friends completely love this game, and I have spent many hours listening to them explain its greatness to me. Secondly, I really like Hearthstone.

Thirdly, I was and still am a huge David Bowie fan, so I basically regard Duncan Jones as my son (alongside John Boyega). Now, on with what was originally about 4000 words of annoyance.

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Digging A Hole: Minecraft and You

I first gave this talk at Videobrains in November 2015.

There are many different things I want to say about the concept of creating homes in Minecraft – or whatever you want to create, which might be nothing at all. I’m going to talk about home, about creativity, and what your creativity can mean. However, for the second half of this talk, I am essentially going to be talking about myself – really the title should be Minecraft and me, but you live and learn.

My basic premise is this: what you create can be a reflection of you.

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