I have had a really hard time this month.

A mix of shitty personal and professional stuff all happened at the same time, all stressing me out in different directions. I was exhausted and sad and struggling to do anything other than the necessities (i.e. go to work, eat, sleep). I still am, a bit.

To make myself feel a bit better, I’ve written myself a list of good things that have happened since the start of November.

  • saw one of my favourite artists perform live
  • had my proposal accepted to speak at a tech conference
  • heard from one of my oldest friends for the first time in about a year; we’ll be meeting up at Christmas
  • started rewriting my novel from scratch and can already tell it’s much better than the first draft
  • did voice work for the first time
  • officially joined an ongoing project that I think could be really great
  • spent time hanging out with my best friend for the first time in months

That’s just one month of my life. I’m going to remember this list the next time I feel shit and unaccomplished, because it’s likely I’ll have a similar list to disprove myself then. Things aren’t always as bad as I feel they are, and it helps to take a step back so I can realise that.

H x

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