Hi! Welcome to my blog, resurrected from the depths of 2015.

It’s here because I’ve given a lot of talks over the past few years. I write scripts for all of them and people requested that I put them all somewhere. So here they are!

I usually cover various nerd stuff (generally video games, tabletop roleplaying, and fandom) and its relationship with sociopolitical topics.

Some caveats: most of my talks came with slides, so there might be the occasional line where I refer to them. The talks also date back a few years, so be aware that things (including my opinions) may have changed since they were written!

I’ve also recently started writing poetry, and you can find that here too.

If you want to see what I’m up to day-to-day, you can find me on Twitter @Alecto101.



i ask

do not let me
forget the ocean.

for years
I may drown in grey buildings
and lose myself in tides of strangers

but may I always remember these things:

water, soft and cold
the danger of blueness
salt in my mouth
hard stones beneath my feet
clinging seaweed
and a constant shore.

happy birthday

today is your birthday again
a thing i always forget until
it crashes into me
the last day of january
a surprise of sadness
a pit in my chest
that forces me to think of
you in your chair reading
the sun shining
on your tatty jumper
i stand in my own memory
and watch you breathe quietly
in a place and time
that only i remember
with a special loneliness